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We create your virtual 360 ° campus tour

Since fewer students physically visit before applying, institutions need a virtual tour that is challenging, conveys cultural diversity and tells their individual story. Make it possible to visit your campus from anywhere and give prospective students an authentic study experience at your university.


The advantages of your

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Bringing your campus to life with immersive media

Traditional media no longer address Generation Z as much as previous generations. They have higher and different expectations of the digital experience. Offer them immersive content that enables them to explore and experience your university in an interactive way.

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Inspiring international prospective students

Reach prospective students from all over the world and offer international applicants in particular the opportunity to explore your university in advance. We design your 360 ° tour in different foreign languages.


Authentic insights

A 360 ° tour with authentic insights best conveys the study experience at your university and reflects the special atmosphere on your campus.

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Better orientation on campus

The tour offers a completely new way of orienting yourself on your campus: The location of university facilities can be called up in a clear way using intuitive operation, aerial panoramas and the integration of floor plans or the Google Maps map.

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Increase the length of stay and arouse interest

An interactive campus tour arouses interest and invites you to explore your campus. Prospective students spend a long time dealing with your range of courses and the university. This can increase the length of stay on your website by a factor of 5. At the same time you improve your Google ranking.

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Increase in the conversion rate

Interested parties can use interactive information points, which contain, for example, videos, picture galleries, texts, etc., to obtain information themselves, and can be forwarded directly to contact and application pages using the call-to-action button. In this way you create a multimedia experience and increase the conversion rate.

Our virtual 360 ° campus tours are a modern, versatile and technically sophisticated communication tool. They form an interface between the conveyance of emotional information, professional photography, storytelling and interactive information design, which makes your university visible in a new form beyond the region.

Virtual campus tour

Special features of your university in 3D

Highlight the highlights of your university in a special way. Whether it is a laboratory, research facility, a new department building or the machine hall, you not only make your premises virtually tangible thanks to your digital twin, but also present the special features of your university in an impressive way using a 3D view. Last but not least, this will strengthen your image as a digital pioneer.

Your tour still offers

Virtual reality

Explore your university in virtual reality. An immersive experience, ideal for your event or trade fair! The visitor is immersed particularly deeply in your 360-degree experience using virtual reality technology.

360 ° video

Right in the middle instead of just being there: the viewer at the center of your story. An integrated 360 ° video in your tour offers an immersive experience from a completely new perspective.

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More Google visibility

We integrate your campus tour into Google Street View. This will improve your entry in Google Search and on Google Maps. This has positive effects both on your Google ranking and on the findability of your campus tour.


Emotional infotainment

In your tour, the user becomes an actor himself and explores your world in 360 ° in a playful way. You address your target group audiovisually. Use this emotional way of conveying information and win over your target group.

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Content for your social media channels

Play content in your social media channels that arouses curiosity and boosts the click rate – wow effect guaranteed!

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