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We create your virtual 3D tour

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  • Offer a realistic online tour and give your customers inspiration for your future dream home. In this way you arouse interest, use a supraregional market and achieve better prices.
  • Position yourself as a pioneer and score points in your shopping appointment with professional 3D tours as an exclusive additional service. Convince owners with an efficient marketing strategy and achieve the best possible sales price.
  • From on-site recording to delivery, we take care of the professional implementation of your virtual tour. Focus on your core competencies and use the resources freed up. You gain more time, increase your reach and strengthen your image as an expert in the digital real estate business.

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By clicking on that cubic symbol at the bottom left you get to 3D view . The guided 3D tour starts with the play button on the left.

Regardless of whether you are a prefabricated house manufacturer, real estate agent or property manager, PANOVA's 3D tours will help you to reach a larger group of interested parties, generate more customer orders and market your real estate faster.

Get a quick overview of the functions of our
3D tours

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Property walk-through
Around the clock

From now on you can offer 24/7 property viewings. Simply visit an object virtually without having to actually enter it and still have the feeling that you are really there. In this way, interested parties can explore your properties from home independently, independently and in an interactive way. Convenience for you and your customers.

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More sales thanks to online advice and viewing

Offer your prospective customers realistic online advice and a tour of your property. With the help of our 3D tours you can carry out location-independent live tours. Recorded, your interested parties can watch the tour as often as they like afterwards. You save time and increase your sales figures!

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Generate more sales orders

Inspire the owners with yourself and your service during the purchase appointment. With professional 3D tours from PANOVA as an exclusive additional service, you can market your real estate faster, without visitor tourism and achieve a higher sales price.


Protect your health and that of your customers

Thanks to a virtual tour, you take your responsibility seriously and avoid direct contact. First, conduct viewings with several customers online and then arrange individual viewings on site with the seriously interested customers. This will protect you and your customers.

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Competitive advantage

Profile yourself as an innovative and solution-oriented real estate provider. With virtual tours, you not only position yourself as an expert in the digital real estate business, but also stand out from the crowd with your brand and your successful sales.

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Market your real estate in record time

Thanks to your new digital acquisition booster, you can market your real estate much faster than your competitors.

Features and functions of our
3D tours

Virtual 3D tour
more than a 360 ° tour!

The representation of your real estate in 3D not only enables a better spatial understanding, but also offers your customers an impressive user experience that cannot be created by simple 360 ° tours. Stand out from competitions and become a digital pioneer.

Realize the full potential of your objects

Further advantages

2D and 360 ° photos

High-resolution 2D and 360 ° photos can be extracted from the 3D tour, which you can use for your website, social media channels, etc. You receive unrestricted image rights from us.

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Portal integration

Our virtual 3D tours can be seamlessly integrated into your website, Facebook and Immobilienscout24.

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Increase in range

With just one click, your customers share your virtual tour via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and by email. Benefit from a greater range.


Your branding

Strengthen your brand and show your logo on your 3D tour.

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Gain insight into the user behavior of your visitors with comprehensive tracking. Track the total number of visitors, views, and average time spent interacting with your 3D virtual tour.

Guided tour

By clicking on the play button, the viewer is automatically guided through the rooms. The tour can be interrupted at any time and the place can be explored further independently.

Virtual reality

All of our 3D tours can be viewed in virtual reality. Immersive media arouse the curiosity of visitors. The visitor is immersed particularly deeply in your 360-degree experience using virtual reality technology. Use this technology and increase your success with it.

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password protection

You can optionally provide your virtual tour with password protection. In this way you protect the privacy of the residents.

Your real estate as mobile as you

Access anytime, anywhere 

Offer tours around the clock
– directly on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Our 3D tours can be played on all devices. Can also be experienced in virtual reality using VR glasses!