Welcome to PANOVA

3D agency for creative visual content and digital experiences

PANOVA is your partner for the creative realization of 3D content and digital experiences in 3D and 360°. We help you effectively market your products and properties through high-quality visualisations and interactive experiences that inspire your target audience.

Since 2018, we have been implementing projects both in the DACH region and within Europe. A team of experts from various disciplines with creative DNA is ready to help you. Our years of experience in creating 3D visualisations, virtual tours, architectural visualisations, virtual reality applications and virtual showrooms will be passionately applied to your project.

Our aim is to strengthen your brand, increase sales and inspire your target audience. We work for your success!


We create visual content and digital experiences that inspire: more leads, more conversions, more success!

Our core expertise lies in the design and implementation of multimedia projects that strengthen your brand and help you market your products. We offer you tailor-made solutions that inspire your target group for your company thanks to the emotional communication of information.

Virtual tour
(3D laser scanning)

Interactive 3D experiences that seem so real as if you were right in the middle of it. Our walk-through digital twins provide your users with a true sense of presence and a comprehensive spatial understanding.

Virtual Showroom & Booth

Your virtual showroom is a digital sales tool that allows you to bring your products and projects to life virtually, boost sales and inspire your target audience.

Virtual 3D walk-through
(CGI/3D Modeling)

By using our 3D walk-through, you can bring your new building or conversion project to life, in an interactive virtual way and start marketing it even before construction begins.

Virtual 360° tour

Interactive 360° experience. We design customized tours that inspire users as infotainment applications and bring your company to life virtually.


Our services increase your success

Convince your customers with an impressive presentation

People are visual and curious. Therefore, present your company and your products in an interactive 3D and 360 ° experience. Let your customers explore your offer in a playful way and experience your world in 360°.

Our Digital Champions Award-winning visual infotainment applications offer a variety of ways to engage your target audience. Strengthen your image as a digital pioneer and market your products effectively.

Increase in the conversion rate
1 x
Inspire your target group
1 %
higher visitor dwell time
1 x

Virtual reality

Our 3D & 360 ° tours can be played on all devices. Can also be experienced in virtual reality using VR glasses!

With the help of virtual reality technology, the visitor is completely immersive in your world. The viewer becomes an actor himself and interacts with the virtual environment. A new experience with a surprise effect that triggers enthusiasm and arouses curiosity!

We offer solutions for every industry
Whether real estate, yachts or industry, we have the right thing for you