Aim high with 3D tours

Real places experienced virtually. Impress. Convince. Create trust.

Virtual 3D tour

Digital experiences remain longer in memory - Try yourself and enter!

By presenting your facilities and products in a 3D tour, you stand out from competitors and provide your prospects with an immersive experience that cannot be created with photos or simple 360° tours.

Explore the many possibilities of interactive design in the demo tour. Enjoy the experience.

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By clicking on that cubic symbol at the bottom left you get to 3D view . The guided 3D tour starts with the play button on the left.

Your advantage - Your benefit

The most modern & interactive advertising tool for your company: your 3D tour

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Improve your Google ranking

Customers take a longer look at your company and products in a playful way during the tour. Thus, resulting in 5 times longer dwelling time on your website which has a positive effect on your ranking in Google. You are found better in Google search and stand out more on Google Maps. Read more in the study results.

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Inspire customers

3D tours help your prospects to get comprehensive information about your offer as well as to build up an emotional connection to your premises and your brand. Present yourself in an authentic and innovative way.

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Win more customers

Your products and services as well as the uniqueness of your company are attractively communicated through the interactive 3D visualisation on your website and in social media. Convince with an impressive presentation, arouse curiosity about your offer and thereby increase your success.

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Your competitive advantage

Increase your image as a digital pioneer in your industry. In particular through the use of virtual reality technology.

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First impressions count

Inspire with a digital presentation that your customers will remember. With a virtual 3D tour, you ensure that potential customers get exactly the first impression you want them to have.

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Build more trust

A 360° tour offers transparent insights. Thus, you create trust and sympathy. In this way, you win over customers, guests and future employees.

1 x
higher visitor duration
1 x
Increase in the conversion rate
1 %
more online bookings

Functions and features

3D model

Zoom out and see a digital 3D twin of your object from the outside. Then rotate it along any axis to view it from every perspective. This gives you a comprehensive overall picture of your property.

Info points / eCommerce

Highlight features of the property or your products by placing info points at any location. These can contain, for example, text, audio, videos, photos or links to your shop. This increases the length of stay and your turnover.

Virtual tape measure

Give your customers a virtual tape measure. In this way, walls, doors, windows or objects in the object can be measured. For example, you can determine whether a piece of furniture fits through doors, corridors, etc.

Online advice and viewing

Offer joint online live viewings and advice. Guide your prospective customers virtually through your property.

Floor plan view

Thanks to the floor plan function, you get a bird's eye view of the property as if the roof had been removed. The user can easily understand the floor plan of the property and get a better overview.


We create schematic 2D or 3D floor plans from your 3D tour with an accuracy in the range of 1-2%. Only scanned rooms can be included.

Tour interior view

View the object as if you were physically moving from room to room. Experience the property like an on-site tour.


Get a picture of the wide range of possible applications

Be inspired and get a picture of the possible applications of our virtual 3D tours. In order to be able to present you with as many different application options as possible, four of the examples listed below (museum, company tour, school and showroom) were provided to us for demonstration purposes. The technology and our know-how can be transferred to many industries and, thanks to the experience we have gained in projects for customers from 6 industries, can be easily transferred. We would be delighted to convince you in your project.

Hotels and Tourism

Digital exhibition stand - Yacht

Medical facilities

Company tour,
Employer branding


Virtual Reality - effective and impressive

For you and your customers.

Our 3D tours can be played on all devices. You can also experience them in virtual reality with VR glasses!

The visitor is completely immersed in your world with the help of the Virtual Reality technology. The viewer becomes an actor himself and interacts with the virtual environment. A new kind of experience that triggers enthusiasm and arouses curiosity!

More advantages

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Portal integration

Our virtual 3D tours can be seamlessly integrated into your website, social media, and Immobilienscout24.

Guided tour

By clicking on the play button, the viewer is automatically guided through the rooms. The tour can be interrupted at any time and the place can be explored further independently.

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Share on social media

With just one click, your customers share your virtual tour via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and by email.

2D and 360 ° photos

High-resolution 2D and 360 ° photos can be extracted from the 3D tour, which you can use for your website, social media, etc. You receive unrestricted image rights from us.

Virtual reality

Immersive media arouse the curiosity of visitors. The visitor is immersed particularly deeply in your 360-degree experience using virtual reality technology. Use this technology and increase your success with it.

PANOVA's technology and know-how can be transferred to many industries. We would be pleased to convince you in your project.

Hotels und Tourismus

Digitaler Messestand



Digitaler Showroom


Schule - virtueller Rundgang

Medizinische Einrichtungen

Business und Gewerbe - Unternehmensrundgang

Hotels and Tourism

Digital exhibition stand

Real Estate

Digital showroom


school- virtual tour

Medical institutions

Business and commerce - company tour