Welcome to the new age of digital customer experiences

Effective marketing of your fleet

We offer the technology to let your customers virtually experience and design your yacht models in different variations. Market not only your already built yachts but also new models as early as in the planning phase. Enable your clients to configure their dream yacht in real time by using our 3D configurator and experience a realistic walk-through. Thanks to the three-dimensional walk-through, the dimension of the yacht and furnishing ideas are perceived much more vividly. Thereby offering a simplified planning process and inspirational designs while effectively marketing your yachts.

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Inspire with a virtual yacht configuration in real time

We create a digital twin of your yacht that allows for free movement on your digital yacht and its exploration from all perspectives. Let your customers experience your yacht models realistically and design them according to their preferences using the material configurator. The material, texture and color of essential elements such as flooring, ceiling cladding and furniture can be selected and changed by the user during the virtual tour. In addition, your logo, information and media (videos, images, links, etc.) can be integrated into your digital twin with the help of info points.


Try our virtual tour as well as the 3D configurator and experience how much fun it is to explore yachts in an interactive way

Your advantages of our walk-through 3D configurator


More customer orders

Increase imagination and inspire your clients with a virtual tour of their future yacht. In this way, future plans become tangible and can be experienced. Thanks to the integrated material configurator, you simplify the decision-making process and offer planning security. Offer an innovative solution that is convincing.


Your competitive advantage

Position your company and brand as an innovative and solution-oriented provider. Thanks to the virtual tour of your fleet and the individual 3D configuration, you position yourself as an expert in digital yacht marketing and stand out from your competitors.

Better spatial understanding

Offer your prospects a better spatial understanding of your yacht. Thanks to the three-dimensional walk-through, your prospects perceive room dimensions, ratios and different designs much more vividly in your digital twin and therefore increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


Faster time to market

Present and market your (new) models at an early stage while still in the planning or construction phase. The modern presentation of your yachts, with a high degree of realism, will arouse your customers’ interest in buying. Thanks to early commercialization you will benefit from higher liquidity and higher planning reliability.


Provide inspiration

Offer your customers the possibility to individually design their dream yacht according to their preferences and experience it realistically. Modification of the interior in real time will provide for a much smoother decision-making process, which addresses individual wishes – your customers will love it.


Greater customer satisfaction

Thanks to the realistic walk-through, there are fewer misunderstandings or false expectations about the new project, as compared to conventional 2D floor plans and 2D photo renderings. Look forward to more satisfied customers.

Most important functions of the virtual 3D walk-through

New: Virtual 3D meeting and live customer consulting
directly on your yacht or in your showroom

Give your yacht or showroom a personal touch and offer your customers an impressive 3D experience.

Virtual 3D meetings via live video and avatar are supported with up to 20 people participating in your 3D model. This will enable you to do virtual personal consultations in which you present your yacht in different variations. Surface materials and furniture can be changed in real time. This allows you to configure the yacht collaboratively, but also provides your customers with inspiration for the design of their dream yacht. Address individual customer needs and increase sales.

Ready for use on all mobile devices

Location-independent presentation

Use our virtual reality solution directly in the browser, both on mobile devices, including VR glasses, and on desktop. Thanks to virtual reality technology, you can experience a particularly realistic representation of your projects with VR glasses, conveying a real sense of presence.

Procedure and development in 5 simple steps

1. Briefing

In the briefing, we discuss the initial stages of your project in terms of design as well as typical questions:

  • Which target group should be addressed?
  • How should the 3D walk-through be used?
  • Which details are particularly important to you?
  • Number of materials in the material configurator?
  • Do you need individual functions?

If available, please send us 2D or 3D data in advance.

2. Get a quote

Based on your requirements, we will create a specific offer for your virtual 3D walk-through. The price depends primarily on the size and complexity of your project.

3. Documents

We need the following documents. Ideally, you provide all the mentioned documents, but this is not a prerequisite:

  • Floor plans
  • CAD data
  • Preferred style of interior design based on sample photos


  • Materials that are to be used, in the image format JPG / PNG

4. Production and finalisation of your virtual 3D walkthrough

We create a digital twin of your yacht, on the basis of the CAD data or floor plans with sample images.

Of course, we will coordinate the look and style of the furnishings with you in advance. Among other things, the material texture, colours and scene lighting will be determined. Based on your requirements and specifications, we create an interactive 3D walk-through of your yacht.

After a final coordination and, if necessary corrections, your project receives the final touch and will be finalised. The processing time is usually approx. 3 – 4 weeks. Depending on the complexity, the production time can take up to 6 weeks.

5. Delivery

  • Iframe code and link to integrate the 3D walk-through on your website and to share it on your social media channels. If you need support with the integration on your website, we are happy to assist you with the implementation.
  • 12 months of hosting for your virtual 3D tour. If you wish to renew, a hosting fee will be applied.

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